Top Uses for Your Inflatable Dock

Inflatable Dock

Do you know what an inflatable dock or platform is? Chances are if you haven’t used one yourself, you’ve seen them popping up in marinas. A benefit of these floating docks is that they adjust with the tide or water level. As tides rise and fall, so do floating docks. This eliminates the risk of wear and tear due to submersion. This type of dock also makes a stable platform for walking on. There are even floating platforms designed so that they can be used as a dock for jet skis.


Inflatable Docks for Performing Maintenance

When looking for a platform to use for performing maintenance on a yacht, it would need to be portable, stable, and big enough for a person or persons and whatever equipment they deem necessary. Inflatable floating platforms can also help you access areas of the boat you might not have been able to access from a fixed dock without the risk of damaging your boat. Another ongoing challenge for yachts is always space and storage.  No one wants to depend on a permanent floating dock that would take up precious storage space. For this reason, a dock that can be inflated when needed and that would be easy to moor up and move is ideal. AERÉ’s work platform inflates and deflates quickly and even comes with a bag for easy storage.


Dock Your Jet ski

Another great use for inflatable platforms is for jet ski or water toy dockage. The platform acts as an extension of the stern and prevents any possible damage from jet skis to the yacht. The surface of the dock is covered in an incredibly strong, non-slip material and provides a stable walkway to get back onto the yacht. Coming back in from a day trip? Unload guests easily and safely onto the platform. Just like the work platforms, they can be easily deflated and packed up when time to store them.


Use for Summer Fun

An inflatable dock could also double as a temporary swimming platform for guests. Raft them together with other water toys to create a floating water park. If you already have a floating platform for maintenance, cover it while working so it stays nice for your guests. It will then easily transform from something practical to a fun platform for leisure activities. They are so easy to move around and transport, that the options for use are endless.

If you are looking for something to fulfill any of these purposes, an inflatable floating dock from AERÉ could fit your needs. These docks are fully customizable and are very stable once inflated. Once you are finished with your task, you can deflate them, pack them up, and stow them away in a much smaller area.

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