Superyacht’s Are Getting Bigger and More Innovative

Super Yacht

The 2007 – 2008 financial crisis hit the yachting world hard. There’s no question that superyachts have always existed in a luxury niche, but, even the wealthiest couldn’t ignore what was considered by many to be the most significant financial crash in history. Demand for superyachts fell, and it wasn’t until around 2015 that we saw some promising signs of a […]

AERÉ Marine Group is at the Miami Boat Shows

Two great boat shows are in town, and AERÉ Marine Group will be at both! Both shows feature the best of the best in the marine industry, but with different points of view.  The yacht show is known worldwide as a luxury exhibition on the water, while the Miami Boat Show features a wide range […]

Yachting Tips for an Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Open Ocean

The Atlantic Crossing is a voyage made by yacht owners every year, with many taking yachts from their berths in Europe, to the warmer waters of the Caribbean or back again. The Atlantic Crossing was once perilous and required specialized craft with highly experienced sailors. Today, experience is still key, but the voyage can be completed in more accessible vessels, such […]

Exploring the World’s Best Yachting Destinations

Yachting Locations

More than 70% of the earth’s surface is water, and it’s one of the reasons that Earth is often referred to as the ‘Blue Planet’. For those that enjoy yachting, this is definitely an advantage, because it allows for journeys aplenty, with excellent yachting hotspots found on every continent. From North America to the Mediterranean, […]

How to Choose the Right Fenders for Your Boat


Any time that you are berthing your boat, or even if you are docking with other boats, you will need quality fenders to avoid both cosmetic and serious structural damage. Fenders are essential for preventing damage to the topside of your yacht, and high quality fenders will be investments that continue to pay off for […]

Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Damaging Your Boat While Docking

Docking Boat

There’s nothing that feels better than being out on the open water in your boat. Sailing a yacht or piloting a powered boatcan be exhilarating, relaxing, or anything that you want to make of the experience. What most can agree on, is that being on the water is rarely a stressful experience. Of course, there’s always an […]

How to Prepare Your Yacht for Winter

Winterize Your Yacht

The season is changing and soon we’ll be feeling the full impact of winter weather. Just as you would prepare your car or your home for the colder months, you’ll also need to carry out winterization on your yacht if you want to avoid deterioration and other problems when it comes to springtime. For such […]