AERÉ Marine Group Guest Stars on Salty Jobs – Season 2 Ep. 7

Lights, Camera, Action!

This past February, we were honored to not only celebrate our 20th anniversary, but also to be a featured guest on the hit YouTube show Salty Jobs.

While filming, host Sean Smith got an inside look and interviewed our own AERÉ Marina Fenda-Sox Production Manager, Daniel Abernathy. Daniel gives viewers an inside look at how AERÉ Marine Group’s Fenders and Fender Covers are made. While Kevin Ramnarine, who is on our Quality Control and Packaging Team, explains his story and roll in the company.

If you are new to boating and yachting life, then you need to check out this awesome channel.
Salty Jobs is an educational video series from the Marine Industries Association of South Florida that showcases marine industry career opportunities in the South Florida area. The goal of this series is to introduce a wide range of jobs associated with the marine industry to local schools, workforce agencies, and the public.

Watch our salty debut below

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