AERE Inflatable Work Platforms

Performing maintenance on a boat is by no means an easy task. It requires a plethora of equipment and a great deal of both time and experience. It is important to go about the maintenance process in a way that allows one to work smarter, not harder. Having said that, an inflatable work platform has the power to turn this process into a painless one.

How It’s Portable

Do you often find yourself scouring the marina in search of its work platform or catch yourself saying the phrase “where’s the marina’s raft?” AERÉ’s inflatable work platform instantly solves this problem. It is portable, which allows you to transport it from marina to marina and is equipped with a bag for easy storage, making it take up virtually no space. It is also lightweight and easy to carry, so having it on hand is by no means a hassle. It inflates and deflates quickly, so if work needs to be done in a pinch, you have a portable, inflatable platform on hand that can handle any job around your boat. Tired of the search for a work platform? Get your own!

Why It’s Practical

Many boat owners oftentimes find their boats scratched or with other minor damages after maintenance due to the make of the current work platform they are utilizing. This turns boat maintenance into something somewhat oxymoronic, as fixing things on a boat can lead to other damages. Having the proper inflatable work platform ensures that this will not be the case. The design of AERÉ’s inflatable work platform guarantees no damages or scratches to your boat, as no rough plywood, abrasive foam or any other harsh, destructive materials take part in its construction. Adding on to the practicality of the inflatable work platform is its allowance to access areas of the boat that may have once not been accessible when using a traditional, fixed platform. This type of platform is also often much more stable than a man-made work platform and in terms of maintenance, stability is key. The inflatable platform is also ideal for any work that needs to be done while the boat is still in the water.

Limited on Space? Not a problem!

Two main “s” words are always on a boater’s mind: storage and space. Unlike a permanent floating dock, an inflatable work platform makes certain that neither of these things is a concern. A permanent floating dock surely has its benefits, but it takes up viable storage space, which everyone knows is precious. An inflatable dock is just that—inflatable— so it is only inflated when it is needed and when it is not needed, it is easily moored up and stored. Our platform is available in two sizes: When inflated, one measures 4 feet by 8 feet and the other measures 6 feet by 10 feet. As mentioned, it comes with a storage bag that guarantees the storing process to be an easy one that takes up limited space.

Boating acts as an escape from reality, and if owning an inflatable work platform has the ability to make the maintenance of this escape a breeze, what is holding you back from owning one? Check out AERÉ’s inflatable work platforms today!