AERÉ Inflatable Ball Fenders

Welcome to Your New Favorite Boating Accessory 

As with humans, boats have a long list of “accessories” that contribute to their functionality and aid in the successful completion of their tasks. One could go on for days about all of the extra accessories that can be beneficial to have on a boat. But today, we are going to focus on just one accessory: inflatable fenders, AERÉ Inflatable Ball Fenders to be exact.

What is a Fender?

Before diving into a specific type of fender, let us discuss the purpose of a fender. There is quite the assortment of fender types, all with their unique uses and purposes, but they all work to do the same thing. In layman’s terms, a fender acts as a buffer between a boat and a dock, or between a boat and another boat. They work to prevent damage to the boat. Fenders take in the shock of boats or other water crafts bumping into docks or other vessels. Boat owners typically have more than one type of fender on board, as docking their boat safely and properly requires the aid of fenders of various shapes and sizes. It is essential that a boat owner chooses the correct fender based on their boat type and length, as having the appropriate fender can obstruct possible damage caused by hitting another vessel or the dock of the marina during docking.

Ball Fenders: AERÉ’s Inflatable Ball Fenders

Ball fenders have various purposes and can be used on any boat with a curved hull. Having said that, they are especially popular among larger power boats with bows that curve inward and bigger commercial boats. Their round shapes allow them to be positioned at the bow of the boat, right under the boat’s frontward curve. Because of their shape and size, ball fenders were once difficult to store, but that is no longer the case and also where AERÉ Inflatable Ball Fenders come into play.

This unique fender can be inflated and deflated in under a minute, which instantaneously takes one bad rep away from ball fenders. AERÉ, however, did not think to compromise the durability of their fender with their inflatable nature; the inflatable ball fender is made from heavy duty materials and even its “D” ring (located on the end) is made from heavy duty stainless steel, making it up to 10x stronger than a standard fender ball. Like all AERÉ fenders, these inflatable ball fenders are welded and glued for extra strength. The design for this fender came about due to the high demand for a ball fender that could be handled by any crew member, but could also be effortlessly stored. Standard fenders are prone to ride up, which is quite problematic, but the ball design of AERÉ’s inflatable ball fender reduces the likelihood of that happening.

It’s All In the Details 

Like a true AERÉ product, these inflatable ball fenders take up zero to no storage space and are lightweight, making them easy to handle, so having them onboard is a no-brainer. The fenders are available in either black or gray and come in different sizes: 18” in diameter,  24” in diameter, 30” in diameter and 36” in diameter.

Who knew that something that so closely resembles a beach ball could act as the protector of the hull between both the dock and other vessels? Once again, AERÉ has managed to simplify the overall boating process and especially the docking process with their inflatable ball fenders. So, what are you waiting for? Shop the best of ball fenders today.