New Boater Guide To Docking Your Boat Successfully

Docking kits are a helpful solution for new boat owners. Knowing what you need to properly dock your boat and having everything handy is vital. Having a good docking kit is a great idea however it is not a complete one. There are many factors that are a part of docking successfully. Every boat owner […]

Recap from the Fort Lauderdale, Monaco and METS 2018 Boat Shows

This past year was undoubtedly one for the boats! AERÉ Marine Group had the opportunity to attend some fantastic marine shows in 2018. Not only did we tour some jaw-dropping super yachts, but we also networked with the most fascinating people. Keep reading to hear more about 3 great boat shows AERÉ Marine Docking Solutions […]

What is the Difference Between Neoprene and Acrylic Fender Covers?

Owning a yacht is most certainly a dream come true! Although the maintenance and extra expenses may seem like a nightmare, there are many preventive things you can do to protect your beautiful vessel. One being fender covers. While some people may not give too much thought to what material your fender covers are made […]

Why Do I Need Fender Covers for My Boat’s Fenders?

While the importance and purpose of inflatable fenders is obviously practical, the reasons for fender covers aren’t always as obvious to boat owners. That’s because many boat owners will buy fenders without bothering with covers, though there are several reasons why an extra investment is worth it. If you already own inflatable fenders for your […]

Attending the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show? Read this First

The 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is coming up faster than you think (Wednesday, October 31st – Sunday, November 4th) and AERÉ Marine Group will be there! If you plan to attend, there will be plenty of activities for boat enthusiasts as well as family and friends. Before you go, we highly recommend visiting […]

AERÉ Inflatable Docking Solutions

The 2018 Newport Intl Boat Show Talking About AERÉ Inflatable Dock Systems With Kevin! Wow! What an amazing product AERÉ has in these inflatable docking systems! A very versatile alternative, or even replacement for docks in many situations, and they are absolutely beautiful! Reach out to Kevin and the great people at AERÉ Marine Group […]

Top Places in the U.S. to Sail This Summer

Summer months open such vast sailing opportunities and destinations that it can be difficult to decide where to go! If you’re planning to stay in the U.S., we have several locations in mind that are staples for sailors and provide a little something for everyone. For the sake of adventure and warm seas, we showcase […]

How to Properly Tie Up to a Sandbar

As an avid boater, there will consistently be moments where proper docking is not an option or necessary for what you want. Beaches and sandbars can be lots of fun, but improperly docking your boat to the sandbar or otherwise beaching your boat so that you can’t leave is definitely the opposite of fun. Veterans […]

AERÉ Marine Group Parters with West Marine South Florida for Hurricane Preparation

Fort Lauderdale, FL — AERÉ Marine Group is partnering with West Marine’s South Florida flagship store in Fort Lauderdale for a hurricane boat preparation event on Saturday, August 11 at 10 a.m. The event will help educate boaters how they can better brace themselves for the upcoming hurricane season and answer any questions they might […]

Prepping Your Boat for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is upon us, which means boat owners must brace themselves for the worst in case a storm hits. If the last several hurricane seasons are any indication, you can never be too prepared when it comes to protecting your boat from damage. Have a plan in place when a hurricane is imminent in […]