Leaving A Slip in the Wind

Boating is a relaxing pastime. That is until the wind is working against you. It is important to know how to get out of a slip when the wind gusts are against you. This article will discuss five different maneuvers for leaving a slip in the wind. However, the boat’s prop, hull shape, the current, […]

Docking With Spring Lines

Avid boaters know that with the right tools, boating (and its associated tasks) is a breeze. Although the most difficult part is figuring out which tools and accessories do what, that can be solved by a little research and articles such as this one. This article will touch upon spring lines which, when they are […]

How to Properly Dock Your Boat

Being out on the water is a feeling of total bliss, but for many, that bliss quickly disappears once the thought of docking their boat comes to mind. However, once you properly learn to dock your boat, the task will no longer be a daunting one and you’ll be free to experience the boating euphoria […]

Platforms and Docks

When it comes to boating, there is no shortage of accessories to choose from to customize your experience. Accessories vary in price and range from essential items to luxury items. Inflatable docks and platforms are boating accessories that many boat owners may consider to be luxury items. The truth is that inflatable docks and platforms […]

Make Your Vessel Boat Show Ready with Custom Fender Covers

AERE Docking Kit

There are many things that boat owners can do in order to get their vessel ready for a boat show. Anything from custom electronics, lighting, sound systems, and interior upgrades are all things boat owners can focus on to upgrade their vessels. There is another option, though, that many boat owners do not usually consider […]

Three Ways to Use Fenders

Any boat owner knows the importance of keeping their vessel stocked with all of the necessary safety equipment. One of the key items to have on board when it comes to protecting your boat is fenders. Fenders are a very effective, cost-efficient way to easily protect your boat and ultimately, avoid any damage. They can […]

How to Hang Your Fenders

Fenders are a key accessory on almost any boat, and for good reason. They are extremely useful in many situations, especially when docking, and offer an added layer of protection for a vessel. With all of the different fender sizes and shapes available, boat owners can easily find the perfect fenders for both their vessel […]

Boating During A Pandemic

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a very interesting year. With so much uncertainty and so many things up in the air, many people have had to make large adjustments to their everyday lives. While many activities have been put on hold, limited, or shut down altogether, there is one activity that has seen […]

20 Years of Service: The AERE Difference

While there are many companies within the marine industry that sell products, it is safe to say that not all companies are alike. There are certain standards and qualities that set one company apart from another and help to determine one’s reputation and staying power. With over 20 years of experience in the marine industry, […]

Make Sure Your Jet Ski is Safe with Jet Ski Docking Platforms

If you own a jet ski or another personal watercraft, one of the best things that you can do is to invest in a jet ski dock. A jet ski dock is an essential component for the protection and storage of your jet skis. If you are serious about protecting your personal watercraft, make sure […]